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  • White Latex Glue
  • White Latex Glue

White Latex Glue

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Product Description

 white latex glue is an environmental-friendly water based adhesive used for further processing of wood, plywood, fireproof board, furniture sticker. It's formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metal free, excellent initial adhesion strength, drying quickly.

Fast curing
Super bonding strength
Easy to operate
Non-toxic and odorless
Outstanding cold resistance and impact resistance
Remove water, oil, dust, which has a negative impact on bonding intensity, on the surfaces of being cohered materials.
Spread glue evenly on the surface of the material
Use pressing machine or heavy object to increase the pressure on adhering material for a few hours determined by the temperature and humidity of the day
Please test at first. Make sure the product can perform at an optimal level.
Please don't mix with any water or other glue.
Store in a cool and ventilated environment, under temperature 5~30 degrees Celsius. The shelf time of the product is one year. Beyond the shelf time, it still can be used if without any exception.
Packing Size
50kg in plastic barrel, 1Ton,2Ton in big Plastic drum

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