• Knife Grindering Machine
  • Knife Grindering Machine
  • Knife Grindering Machine
  • Knife Grindering Machine
  • Knife Grindering Machine

Knife Grindering Machine

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Product Description

A grinder is a tool used to grind and smooth various materials such as metal, wood, and concrete. The good working function of a grinder depends on several factors, including its power, speed, and durability. Here are some ways to describe the good working function of a grinder:

Powerful motor;  

Adjustable speed;

Durable construction;

Easy to operate;

Versatility to handle  effectively.


                                     Grinder Configuration List 

  • 1. Guide rail; use machine tool guide rail to install wear-resistant strips
  • 2.Grinding head grinding wheel motor; using precision dedicated motor
  • 3.Descent method; manual and automatic
  • 4. Grinding wheel model; BX200 hole 32 (optional)
  • 5. Automatic grinding method; adopts mechanical ratchet ejector rod to feed the knife
  • 6. Control method; use buttons for practical cooperation
  • 7. The machine tool moves left and right; adopts V-belt drive
  • 8. Inside the machine tool; screw precision screw
  • 9. Lubrication system; the whole machine adopts centralized oil supply
  • 10.Cooling system; water tank built-in water pump spray water circulating cooling
  • 11.Supplied accessories of the knife sharpener; a manual for the knife sharpener, a set of toolboxes (including a set of debugging machine tools) 





Max Grinding Length



1600 mm

Table Size




Total power

about 6.0kw

about 6.0kw

about 6.0kw

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